Videos of people editing text

Videos of people editing text, explaining the shortcuts they use, and recordings of their keyboards as they work. The purpose of this page is to provide a reference for people writing new software which involves text editing tasks.

These videos are licensed with CC-BY-SA, which permits re-distribution and modification so long as attribution is provided and derivative works use the same license.

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Drew DeVault
Kinesis Freestyle Pro; ANSI layout; QWERTY
Operating system
Linux 5.7.6
gedit 3.36.2 (GTK+ 3.24.20), alacritty, vim 8.2.0814
#english #en #en-us #ansi #qwerty #modal-editing


I would be interested in adding your video to this page, provided that it demonstrates one of the following qualities which is not yet represented by another video:

When preparing your video, please use a camera to capture a video of your keyboard. I recommend OBS to capture a recording of both your screen and keyboard, as well as audio from your microphone. Please narrate your workflow in English, and include details which seem "obvious" to you; they might not be obvious to someone else. Contact Drew DeVault <> to list your video. Please include the following details:

Thank you!