Consulting Services

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My expertise is available for hire.

In consulting I aim to help companies learn not just what the correct design choices are, but why it’s so. I help people deliver value with software that is elegant, consistent, and fast.

I accomplish this with deep experience in all areas of technology. My work goes as deep as writing device drivers in assembly and as high as building efficient web application frontends; as serious as large-scale release automation for mission-critical applications and as unserious as deep OpenGL work for video games. An understanding of the entire technology ecosystem is extremely effective for finding efficient and novel solutions to your problems.

Clients work with me because:

  1. When it’s crunch time they can’t afford to iterate on bad designs, and rely on me to have the foresight to judge problems and the skill to quickly execute on their solutions. They trust me to design systems, write code, allocate resources, lead teams, and deliver.
  2. They want someone who understands more than their niche. Novel approaches can be the edge you need, and those come from people with broad experience to draw from. Having worked on software from the top to the bottom, I easily pull solutions from across domains to solve problems.

My specific expertise as a systems programmer includes expert-level knowledge of C, Go, Python, HTML & CSS, JavaScript ES6; on all Unix-like systems; in the domains of graphics, OpenGL, Wayland, kernel hacking, databases, virtualization, containerization, web frontends and backends, and more.

Want to learn more? Contact me.

Working with Drew was an absolute pleasure from start to finish. He was quickly able to understand the nuances of the problem and leveraged a surprisingly broad expertise, and helped work towards a solution that was simple and future-proof. He made me feel like I understood the problem domain better after working with him. Overall, it was fantastic & his professionalism and thoughtfulness really count.

— Mikhail Kutsovsky