Reforming the free software message June 19, 2023 on Drew DeVault's blog

Several weeks ago, I wrote The Free Software Foundation is dying, wherein I enumerated a number of problems with the Free Software Foundation. Some of my criticisms focused on the message: and together suffer from no small degree of incomprehensibility and inaccessibility which makes it difficult for new participants to learn about the movement and apply it in practice to their own projects.

This is something which is relatively easily fixed! I have a background in writing documentation and a thorough understanding of free software philosophy and practice. Enter a comprehensive introduction to free software philosophy and implementation.

The goals of this resource are:


Compare with the similar resources provided by GNU (1, 2) and you should get the general idea.

The website is itself free software, CC-BY-SA 4.0. You can check out the source code here and suggest any improvements or articles for the mailing list. Get involved! This resource is not going to solve all of the FSF’s problems, but it is an easy way to start putting the effort in to move the free software movement forward. I hope you like it!

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